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About the designer

Luxury footwear designer Samantha Mychelle began her journey into the world of design at a very young age. Samantha's love for design began as a child always wanting to own the most exquisite and exclusive clothing. Her love for footwear began during her college years where she would spend her weekends in Nike stores, searching for the most coveted and exclusive footwear with her older brother.  After graduating from Hampton University she began her career at a luxury fashion house where she honed knowledge of Italian made garments and exotics. Falling in love with Italian made footwear she knew that one day she would put her small county, Charles City County, Virginia on the map by owning and operating her own luxury fashion footwear brand, Samantha Mychelle. Samantha's goal is to inspire and help the younger generation of women see themselves in rooms that are not easily accessible to women of color. She wants to show the younger generation of women that we can break into the fashion world uplifting those who come after us.

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